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3 Songs by our american friend  DAN CUNEO
Running Out Of Time      What Is Going Down      Mystery


Try Another Flaw (Brown)    Looking Back (Galloway)

Recorded by MARK SMITH


Will (Dream On) (Brown) Recorded by Paul

Someone To Kill (Hawksworth/Brown) Recorded by Steve

All The Old Cowboys (Hawksworth) Recorded by Nosmo

Let The Carnival Begin (Robertson) Recorded by Nosmo

You Remember (Brown)
Recorded by
3 of my own:
Feel The Space

I Don’t Mind

Holly Take A Ride

more songs at

For Smiling Out Loud ! (Hawksworth/Brown)
Recorded by

9 of my own:

Let The Carnival Begin       Half A Lifetime       Shake The Tin

Hastings Pier      Call To Arms     Heart In A Box
The Sun Goes Down      Smile on my face      Light of love




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